Lime Association of Texas

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Lime Association of Texas
(254) 723-LIME (5463)
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For over five decades, lime has been utilized to improve and stabilize roadway soils throughout the state of Texas. From residential streets to the most demanding highways and airfields, lime has proven to be the best solution for solving the problems of high plasticity clay soils and inadequate base materials. Hydrated lime has been a beneficial part of hot mix asphalt mixes to combat moisture damage and provide benefits as an active mineral filler.

The Lime Association of Texas (LAT) represents the collective interests of an industry with a long history of service to the State of Texas. Quality, integrity and responsive action to the customers and governmental agencies of Texas are the hallmarks of the LAT mission. The member companies engage in the manufacture of high quality lime products and guide the efforts of the industry through participation in the LAT to the benefit of the end users of lime.